Poll: No Jewish Problem for Obama in Florida?

Public Policy Polling has Barack Obama doing quite well with the chosen people in Florida.

Although it’s a small sample he leads Perry by an 82-2 margin and Romney by a 78-11 spread with them.  His overall approval with Jewish voters is 76/20 and specifically on the issue of Israel he’s at 61/31 with Jews.

It’s a small sample indeed: Only 476 “Florida voters” overall, of whom 5 percent identified themselves as Jewish. Is it significant? Possibly, because the same polling company went into NY-9 before Republican Bob Turner won there. In that poll, 36 percent of voters were Jewish, and only 26 percent of them had a favorable opinion of Obama. Among Jewish voters, Perry led Obama by 4 points; Romney led him by 14. Here’s a little evidence, at long last, for the Democrats’ maybe-it’s-not-so-bad excuse for NY-9: The theory that the orthodox Jews and recent immigrants in that district were more right-wing than Jewish voters in other parts of the country.