Michele Bachmann takes another stab at the HPV vaccine issue, with a video filmed in glorious full-color chintz-o-vision. Check out how many arguments she packs into this sentence.

Whether its Obamacare or Perrycare (1) I oppose any governor or president who mandates a family’s healthcare choices (2) and violates the rights of parents (3) on these issues - especially if the decision-making process occurs behind closed doors (4), bypassing legislative action (5), and favors campaign contributors (6) over families.

Earlier this week I tried to delineate the HPV problems for Perry – “crony capitalism,” social conservative willies, executive overreach. Bachmann whacks ‘em all. Libby Copeland argues that Bachmann is uniquely positioned to hit this, as an “angry mom.” And she does make the explicit maternal connection in this video. But she’s totally abandoned the medical issue. No more tales of upset mothers whose kids became retarded after getting Gardasil’d. Without that, you’ve got the candidate saying that one executive decision by Perry, to provide vaccines for young girls, is the lodestone of his health care policy. This is supposed to be the less crazy argument.