New Frontiers in the Nebraska/Pennsylvania Electoral Vote Wars

A Democratic source points me over to this extraordinary resolution from the Nebraska GOP. On Wednesday, I talked to the Republican state senator who’s sponsored this year’s legislation to roll the state back to a winner-take all electoral vote system. Now he has help:

Whereas Nebraska is one of only two states that award electoral votes based on the presidential winner of congressional districts,….     

Whereas it is of the highest priority and interest to the Nebraska Republican Party and the citizens of Nebraska that the state returns to a “winner-takes-all” electoral vote plan,     

Whereas the Nebraska Republican Party supports legislation that returns the state to the “winner-takes-all” basis,     

And, whereas the Nebraska Republican Party believes that the “winner-takes-all” issue is a litmus test for those who would claim to be Republicans and seek the support of the Nebraska Republican Party,     

Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party will not support in any manner, financial or otherwise, any state senator who opposes the return of the state to the “winner-takes-all” electoral vote plan either by failing to vote for such in committee or on the floor of the legislature.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, House Republicans – their numbers swollen by the wins of 2010 – want Gov. Tom Corbett to sell them on the plan personally. The reason? Three of them represents districts carried by Barack Obama. If this plan goes through, and Republican redistricters try to maximize the number of districts that could give their votes to the presidential candidate, they are potentially screwed. Which is one thing Sen. Beau McCoy warned about.