My Own Personal Ron Paul

What does Ron Paul have in common with Jon Huntsman? Both men are vessels for people who want ideal politicians to pour their hopes and dreams into. (Barack Obama used to be like this, but then all of that stuff happened.) We focus our studies today on a Huffington Post blog item by Anthony Anderson, a green living guru and the second HuffPo-er in a week* to dream about Ron Paul.

Dr. Ron Paul seems to be the only candidate that is talking about the big pink elephant in the room. The money wasted on war, the fact that our nation has been sold to international banks, and that the federal government is becoming a monster overtaking state autonomy.

I never would have thought that the day would come where I would actually consider voting for someone else than a democrat. I want the world to be clean and healthy paradise planet for the next generations and for those that are living here now. I want the freedom to be able to buy clean food and drink unfluoridated water. I feel that its not asking too much, but the current administration continues to take away these rights.

Ron Paul seems to be the only option, and the furthered bashing of him by the mainstream media shows that they see him as a threat. I seriously hope that his time will come in 2012.

I think Anderson has better reasons for backing Paul than he did for backing Obama. If you want legal raw milk, he’s your man! If you want “the world to be clean and healthy paradise planet,” you want to abolish the EPA! Don’t you?

*The first, that Robin Koerner post, is one of the stupidest things you’ll read all week, up to the part where he says “no one was predicting” the Communists would win in China, even though 1) some were and 2) they had a little help from the Soviet Union, which doesn’t have a great counterpart in his analogy.