Joe Miller Fights On

The defeated Republican candidate in Alaska’s 2010 race for U.S. Senate has kept up his website, and uses it today to promote an article about the fraud-making possibilities of Diebold electronic voting machines.

A laboratory test shows how Diebold machines can be easily manipulated. And Alaska’s Diebold machines, banned in California, can be manipulated in a similar way… Why did Alaska’s Lt. Governor certify a hand count of Murkowski’s ballots but certified a Diebold machine count of Miller’s ballots? And why did the Lt. Governor refuse Miller’s repeated requests that he be allowed, at his own cost, to conduct a hand count?

The anti-e-voting crowd will take any ally who pokes his head out, I guess. In this case, it’s a candidate who wanted to toss out the votes of people who wrote in the name “Lisa Murkowski” but made minor phonetic errors. He was on sounder footing there than here is here, raising the prospect of fraud because, well, you know, maybe somebody could have done something to the machines, maybe.

In related news, Miller’s highest-profile endorser has hinted that she will announce something about a presidential race today.