I Seem to Remember Somebody Named “Michele Bachmann”

Chad Pergram reports that Rep. Michele Bachmann will give her own response to the joint session of Congress tonight after Obama leaves the chamber. She’ll be on at 8:30 p.m.; it will be a press conference, which could mean that she issues a statement and bolts, or could mean that she takes questions. (She’s done both.) Even if this turns out to be a disaster, she probably has to do it? Why? I refer you to Mike Allen’s wrap of the debate coverage.

First mention of Michele Bachmann in the NYT’s mainbar: 22nd graf; In WaPo’s: 28th graf, with both Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman earning earlier mentions; In the WSJ: 12th graf; In the AP story: 10th graf.

I happened to catch CNN’s three-minute “what you missed” debate wrap this morning, and noticed that none of it was given over to Bachmann. Perry and Romney made up most of the story; Huntsman and Paul filled it out. That was a reward for the new aggressiveness both candidates showed. Did they pull it off particularly well? Not really. But most people didn’t watch the debate, and if they read and watch recaps, all they know is that those guys were there. They’re less clear on Bachmann.

Will Bachmann’s speech tonight get more coverage than a “Rebuild the Dream” request for rebuttal time? Yes.