Erick Erickson Starts to Shut the Door on Palin

Fresh from his battle Virginia would-be-Tea Party candidate Jamie Radtke, Erick Erickson puts a voice-of-God post out there asking for Sarah Palin to “fish or cut bait.”

Sarah Palin is a great person. She’s a great fighter. She draws in awesome attention and rallies a crowd. She has some terrific and loyal supporters I don’t want to lump in with the loud voices largely now disconnected from political reality. Ron Paul is the same way. But at some point, Sarah Palin has to take some responsibility for her supporters as Ron Paul must for his. Palin’s dragging out the tease on her decision has compounded the problem and we’ve reached a breaking point.

The comparisons to a late Reagan entry in 1980 and late Clinton entry in 1992 are frivolous and false comparisons. While both waited to make it official until November for Reagan and October for Clinton, it was abundantly clear to people even outside their most ardent supporters that they were running. Few outside Palin’s most ardent fans think she is running and, at this point, a sizable majority no longer care.

The nothingburger events in Iowa and New Hampshire this weekend probably represented the first creaks of the closing door.