Elizabeth Warren Could Win

A new poll from PPP suggests that the popular consumer protection sensai had a stellar Senate campaign roll-out. She leads Sen. Scott Brown 44-42.

Warren’s gone from 38% name recognition to 62% over the last three months and she’s made a good first impression on pretty much everyone who’s developed an opinion about her during that period of time.  What was a 21/17 favorability rating in June is now 40/22- in other words she’s increased the voters with a positive opinion of her by 19% while her negatives have risen only 5%.

The surprising movement toward Warren has a lot to do with her but it also has a lot to do with Scott Brown.  We now find a slight plurality of voters in the state disapproving of him- 45%, compared to only 44% approving.

Brian Walsh of the NRSC dismisses this: “If there was any remaining question that @ppppolls is an official arm of Democrat Party,” he tweets, “witness their contrived MA poll today.” But Brown easily dispatches other Democrats in this poll. Could it be that Republicans have picked the wrong anti-Warren strategy by calling her an elitist and gleefully passing on items that compare her to Martha Coakley? On the latter point, it’s a big “yes.” You can just compare Coakley and Warren in two straight-to-camera videos meant to win people over. Coakley:


Which one’s got the personal touch? How’s it serve Republicans to pretend that they’re facing a Coakley clone?