Elizabeth Warren, Candidate

The would-have-been chairwoman of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau opts for the Jeff Sessions route. “Oh, you won’t confirm me in the Senate? Fine. I’ll just go ahead and run for Senate.”

This news broke yesterday, giving liberals one precious ray of sunshine amid news that they were losing the historically Democratic House seat in Queens and Brooklyn, and news that Solyndra was getting the Brian Ross treatment. (“The emails were uncovered by investigators for the House Energy and Commerce Committee…”) Warren has always been popular with liberals, but nothing builds up your well of public sympathy like a filibuster; even the Weekly Standard wrote a mash note about her. In this launch video, we notice that her example of government/tax code unfairness is GE – ever since a New York Times story about the company’s use of loopholes, conservatives have happily pounded the parent company of NBC/Universal in Warren-esque terms. Starting her critique there is a nice little trick.