Another Tea Party Coloring Book

I’d forgotten that Tea Party Patriots had published a coloring book for children last year. There’s a sequel now, tied in to Constitution Day – September 17, obviously.
Screen shot 2011-09-16 at 9.34.00 AM Taking a shot at this is like pointing an AK-47 into a bucket of minnows. Hey, I like that there’s a political movement that venerates the Constitution; I like that there’s a holiday that does the same thing. It’d be nice, though, if more of this Constitutional rediscovery focused on the disagreements that the founders had about what to put into it. Thomas Jefferson, for example, was remarkably uninvolved with the Constitution question, saying we’d probably be alright if we just fixed the Articles of Confederation (which was the false premise of the Constitutional Convention), but not saying what should be kept or tossed. The arguments over whether a national bank would be constitutional were fascinating, and with retrospect, the people who said it was unconstituonal – like Jefferson! – risked disaster. It’d be nice to see some coloring books about this stuff.