Watch the Wisconsin Special Election Results

FORT DODGE, Iowa – As you can tell from the dateline, I am heartbreakingly close to Wisconsin. I’m also about to embark on three hours of driving, not to Wisconsin. The best way to follow Wisconsin election results: Somewhere else!

TPM has a live scoreboard that’ll be tracking results in the six state Senate seats – all Republican – on the ballot today. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more results, and easy-to-access background on the districts. Democrats need to win three seats today, then hold their own in one week, in order to take the Senate. The easiest takeover should be the 32nd district, followed by the 18th. If the results there are close, it augers poorly for Democrats.

I’ve been nearby but not following the races. Just before closing up for the day, though, I caught up with Mark Block, Herman Cain’s campaign manager. Before he had that job, he was Wisconsin’s branch leader of Americans for Prosperity. Before that, he founded the McIver Institute, a conservative think tank in Madison. He’s stayed plugged in. He was optimistic. “It’s all about the final 72 hours,” he said, “and from what I saw, our rallies were getting bigger numbers than theirs.”

UPDATE: Actual useful info: The AP results by county. Here are the AP results for the Prosser/Kloppenburg Supreme Court race, which ended in an extremely narrow Prosser (GOP) win.