The First Annual Flat World Prize for American Fiction: Nominees Roll In

I put out the call, and people are starting to answer. Skye Winspur sent me the first entry in my call for Tom Friedman-esque Kumbaya Fiction. I’ll reprint his entry in full.

It was a beautiful Palm Sunday morning when Pope Benedict, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, and the Archbishop of New York gathered in Central Park to make a major announcement.  The Holy Father, in his mellifluous Bavarian tones, started (Matt Damon interpreting for him):

“Faithful Catholics, Christians, Americans, my church has for too long buried itself in obfuscation, selfish stonewalling, and outdated prejudices.  Beginning today–”


“Beginning today,” Archbishop Dolan echoed, and Mr. Donohue beamed a radiant smile.

“The catholic priesthood shall be open to women and men, regardless of sexual orientation.  All clergy under investigation for child rape will be suspended without pay.  We welcome those who use birth control, even those women who have chosen to have abortions, to take communion in our parishes.”

At this point a thousand white and green balloons were released from cages, and the audience wept as one with joy.

Really pulls at your heartstrings, doesn’t it?  I know we need just a few more good Catholics and it will happen.

Keep sending, and I’ll keep posting.