The End of White Southern Democrats in the House

Georgia Republicans, who control every piece of the redistricting process, have drawn up a plan that would take black Democrats out of Rep. John Barrow’s district. If it passes, Georgia – which gave John McCan a 52-47 victory margin in 2008 – would have 10 lean-Republican districts and four strong Democratic districts. Which Democrats would survive? Why, that would be Sanford Bishop: Hank Johnson: John Lewis: and David Scott. I see a pattern. Both Georgia and North Carolina were fairly evenly divided in the 2008 presidential election – they have large, heavily Democratic black populations, and relatively large white populations who are still open to voting for Democrats. But between them, if the new district maps elect the people they’re supposed to, the South’s megastates* will send 20 Republicans, six black Democrats, and one white Democrat to the House. The effect outside the South: A smaller, more liberal Democratic conference.
*Yes, Florida, I know.