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President Obama’s Uncle Facing Possible Deportation; Onyango Obama Stopped by Police for Driving While Intoxicated (VIDEO)

Barack Obama’s Uncle is facing possible deportation after being arrested for a DUI. Federal officials say Onyango Obama, also known as Omar, was ordered to leave the U.S. and return to Kenya in 1992, but he flew under the INS radar until he was stopped last week in Massachusetts for driving while intoxicated.

Onyango Obama, the half-brother of the president’s father, came to the U.S. in 1963 as part of a program to help Kenyan students study in America and has recently been working as a liquor store clerk.

The police report shows that as Onyango was booked and informed that he could make one phone call, he said, “I think I’d like to call the White House.”