Just Like A Prayer, Rick Perry Will Take You There

Rick Perry is bringing thousands of worshippers and at least one reporter* to Houston tomorrow for The Response. I’ll let him explain the point of it.

Glenn Beck (remember him?) last year, Rick Perry this year: The outdoors holy hootenany starring famous conservatives is becoming a new feature of our politics. Less new: Muckrakers actually looking into the quotes and bios of the other people organizing this, like the Tupelo-based American Family Association, which has gained new prominence in this election cycle as the place where GOP candidates promise the moon to conservatives. It was on Bryan Fischer’s AFA show that Tim Pawlenty (remember him?) said he was open to bringing back “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Tim Murphy has been assembling quotes from the most colorful organizers, and Perry has taken a little flak in Texas for elevating the likes of Fischer and some guy who blames Japanese Shintoism for the 2011 earthquakes. But post-Jeremiah Wright, how much damage can you absorb for being associated with a fire-tongued pastor? Lots.