Jim Inhofe Endorses Rick Perry, Citing Lack of Scientific Proof That Mitt Romney Exists

I am mostly joking. From the statement, which actually sounds like Inhofe talking:

His record as Texas’ governor proves that he knows you grow the economy with less government, by controlling spending, cutting taxes, reforming tort laws and reducing regulatory red tape for employers. One of the important areas is reigning in over-regulation. Rick Perry is strong against the Cap and Trade tax that would further devastate our economy and do nothing but move jobs overseas to places like China. He is one of the few who understand this, and he won’t cave in to the extreme environmental activists or the Hollywood crowd and their liberal agenda. We can’t afford four more years of the Obama malaise. Look at what Rick Perry has done in his state. He is going to be a great president!

A nice little snapshot there of enviro-skepticism motivated by animus toward George Clooney, and also a knock on governors – like Romney and Huntsman – who have occasionally received warm notes from activists for supporting green ideas.