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Jeff Bridges Shakes “Dude” Label; The Big Lebowski Star Releasing New Country Album (VIDEO)

Jeff Bridges is trending on news that the 61-year-old actor feared being typecast as “The Dude” after he portrayed the famous unemployed slacker in The Big Lebowski.

The 1998 Coen brothers film became a cult classic and even inspired an annual event, Lebowski Fest, which involves White Russians and unlimited bowling.

As lovers of the movie get ready for its Blu-Ray release, Bridges told USA Today that he loved making the movie but was “concerned about not developing a strong persona” early in his career.

He then followed that with a very Dude-like quote, saying, “Now I’m 61 and I don’t give a shit.”

Bridges, who won an Oscar for playing a washed-up country singer in Crazy Heart, is also releasing a self-titled country album, though not his first—Be Here Soon was released on his own label in 2000 and sold 3,000 copies.