Further Adventures in the Candyland of Rick Perry Conspiracies

My favorite disclaimer of the day appears in Justin Elliott’s post about Texas political activist Robert Morrow buying a newspaper ad that asks: “Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?”

To be clear, there is absolutely no evidence that Perry has had extramarital affairs.

So do we have on our hands the Orly Taitz of Perry sex scandals? Do we have someone who will allow the media to report on rumors about Perry that have never amounted to anything in three tough gubernatorial races? I remember the factless Obama accuser Larry Sinclair getting a million YouTube hits in 2008, and the birthers went further than I ever expected them to, so in the age where people look for information online to prove their biases, sure – Robert Morrow will get his attention.

“I have three women as sources who had sex with Rick Perry or have escort friends who have,” he says. “The first one is a stripper who tried to give him a blow job one time ‘but he was too coked up’ (her words) to complete it. None of these are willing to come forward, hence the ad is an appeal for strippers, hookers, young hotties and gay men to QUIT covering for Rick Perry. I got a call from an incensed homosexual on Monday who told me his ex’s ex had sex with (a gay fling) Rick Perry many years ago. I sent him to a reporter who is working the gay angle. The gay rumors on Perry have been rampant for years. I never believed the because I knew about the women. I believe them now. Rick Perry has been a RAMPANT bisexual adulterer. It is just a matter of getting folks to go on the record.”

The Perry rumor mill has an ambassador now. He believes in… a number of things.

UPDATE: I originally posted a video here of a different Robert Morrow talking about the JFK assassination. Morrow has corrected me: He has an interest in the subject, but was not the Morrow interviewed in that clip. I am still alive as of 8/21/11.

I am Robert P. Morrow, political activist and researcher into the 1963 Coup d’Etat. Perhaps you should take down that video of Robert D. Morrow. But thanks for quoting my email reply; we are also getting more leads on Rick Perry’s rampaging bisexual philandering. Bisexual = Perry. I happen to know a lot about the JFK assassination; google “LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK.”