Encore: Hey Tea Party, Stuff It

The new CBS News/New York Times poll finds voters souring on the Tea Party and John Boehner after Debt Hot American Summer* – a pyhrric victory for Democrats, but I’d bet they’ll take it. John Boehner’s disapproval rating surges to a Gingrichian 57 percent. Unfavorable opinion of the Tea Party movement jumps from 29 percent to a high of 40 percent. The percentage of people who say the Tea Party has too much influence on the GOP jumps from 27 percent to 43 percent. So they have to settle for a total victory on the issue of “un-clean” debt limits and spending cuts. Also, there’s this: Screen shot 2011-08-04 at 6.43.18 PM When Republicans mock Democrats for “blaming Bush,” they are doing so in bad faith. But I think everyone knew that. Don’t jump to Dow conclusions.
Why no social policy riders in the debt deal?
No more hostages!
*apologies to Olivier Knox