Elizabeth Warren is a Frail Lady Because She Avoids Me Like Scott Brown Does

Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Republicans are sending around this column by a New Bedford reporter with the terrific pulp name of Jack Spillane. He tried to get into an Elizabeth Warren town hall, but her staff shut him out! Proof positive that she’s another Martha Coakley!

She was afraid to even make eye contact with a reporter wanting simply to ask her questions before and after her “listening tour” with area liberals. Rushing past like a typical politician to the safe haven of a friendly audience, Warren seemed like a frightened sparrow… Warren performed like a hot house flower on Wednesday. If she can’t even deal with the New Bedford press, it’s hard to imagine how she’s going to deal with the Boston, and even national media, that a Brown-Warren race will attract.

Outrageous! I wonder how man-of-the-people Scott Brown handles the press? I’ll check this column from Thursday, by some guy named Jack Spillane.

Warren came to talk to the hard-core liberals and Brown to the hard-core conservatives. Brown’s been doing a lot of these invitation-only events the past couple weeks; in fact, his whole statewide jobs tour is evidently by invitation only.

Scott Brown – the next Martha Coakley?

It’s totally plausible that Warren, who’s a media star but a first-time candidate, is being housebroken before she gets into the rough and tumble of a campaign. I’d guess a well-timed reporter’s question about Libya or something could produce an instant gaffe. But she’s hardly the first candidate protected from the media for a little while. Comparing her to Martha Coakley out of the gate is good copy and pretty useless analysis.