Corn and Karger

DES MOINES – Another state fair, another corn poll. Here was how the jelly jars with candidates’ faces on them were holding up when I checked them out at 11:30 a.m. here. (Ron Paul’s jar was about as full as Cain’s, but was taken out for a couple of seconds for some cleaning. Right after I took the photo, a woman voted for Thad McCotter, making Buddy Roemer the only candidate with no corn kernel votes. She refused to say why she’d made that choice.
photo(13) Rudy Giuliani made the poll. Fred Karger, a gay Republican consultant who’s running, basically, to hassle Romney and the Mormon Church, did not make it. But I did run into him yesterday, at a Polk County GOP fundraiser. He’s not on the Ames straw poll, but he has a goal. “I want to come in twelfth,” he said. “Wait – how many candidates are there? Twelve? Well, then, better than. I think we’re going to work on getting some write-in votes, and I want to beat McCotter.”