Bachmann to Newsweek: Oh, Whatever

ATLANTIC, Iowa – There was a little levity at this afternoon’s outdoor town hall when Michele Bachmann was asked about the new cover of Newsweek – the one with a picture that makes her look, frankly, nuts, and the headline “Queen of Rage.”

“Have you seen it yet?” asked the voter.

“I have not,” said Bachmann, smiling.

“It’s a big close-up of you,” the voter said, “a wild-eyed photo with the headline, ‘Queen of Rage.’”

“Ah-hah,” said Bachmann. “Well, we’ll have to take a look at that, won’t we?”

She rejected the premise of the story and uncorked a monologue about how her campaign was one of “hope,” and how much of it came from her experience growing up in Iowa. No ranting about the media. No taking bait.