And We’re Done: Debt Deal Passes Senate 74-26

The Senate has passed the Budget Control Act, with a much more robust rebellion from Republicans than the one that occurred in the House. But there was no filibuster, and no objection to unanimous consent. There were seven Democratic “noes,” and 19 Republican “noes.”

The Republican “noes”:

Kelly Ayotte
Dan Coats
Saxby Chambliss
Tom Coburn
Jim DeMint
Lindsay Graham
Chuck Grassley
Orrin Hatch
James Inhofe
Ron Johnson
Dean Heller
Mike Lee
Jerry Moran
Rand Paul
Marco Rubio
Jeff Sessions
Richard Shelby
Pat Toomey
David Vitter

The Democratic “noes”:

Kirsten Gillibrand
Tom Harkin
Frank Lautenberg
Bob Menendez
Jeff Merkley
Ben Nelson
Bernie Sanders (I)