Yup, I’m a Racist

It’s been a couple of hours since a good liberal freak-out about nothing. Here’s the new one – a vendor at a July 3 Tea Party booth in Lexington, Ky. selling “Yup, I’m a Racist” T-shirts.

OH YEEHAW THA FORF OF JULY, time for the awful racist slobs of Lexington, Kentucky to put on their best “warding off the coloreds and the Muslins” finery in honor of Jesus, Hitler and Thomas Jefferson. Do you like seeing the hate-bomb that is puking all over the American flag, on this man’s t-shirt? Does it capture your patriotic spirit?


But the T-shirts are ironic. They’re designed along the lines of the “Right-Wing Extremist” gear that appeared after the DHS was revealed to have drafted a memo on “right-wing extremism” in the Obama era. A videographer interviewed the vendor and got clear shots of the back of the shirt, which continues the sentence: “Yup, I’m a Racist, according to our government, because…” There follows a list of beliefs that Tea Partiers think they’re being persecuted for having – “I support Jesus Christ as my savior” and “I support the military” and “I support the Tea Party.”

It’s Neo-Political Correctness chic!