Mitt Romney, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

Seema Mehta reports on a letter signed by California Republicans, asking Rick Perry to run for president.

At least 21 people have signed the letter, most notably Assemblyman Paul Cook. The Yucaipa Republican was announced as an endorser of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney by the former Massachusetts governor’s campaign just last week.

Yes, but, well, Ronald Reagan had to put up with a lot of this in 1979, too. The phenomenon of former Romney endorsers going elsewhere – and yapping to the media about it! – is totally disconnected from his poll leads. It’s related to the discontent that the most active conservative voters have towards him, because to the extent that Tea Party activists are paying attention to 2012, they’re critical of Romney. But all of the hand-wringing and griping doesn’t matter if no one emerges as a strong Nega-Romney. See: 2008, when conservatives decided way too late to stop the unacceptably liberal McCain with… Romney.