The Obama-Romney Economy!

Obscure congressman-turned-obscure presidential candidate Thaddeus McCotter goes there in a statement on… hm, on his official congressional web site.

To Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney’s big government and bailout banks, this is an economic statistic. To Main Street, this is real suffering. This must and will end.

The use of the house.gov site is odd; Alan Grayson got burned for talking campaign talk from the House, although he was much more explicit than this. Anyway, I’ll allow it. If McCotter’s going to use his “presidential bid” as a way to bash Romney for his 2008/2009 advocacy of some government intervention in the economy, it’s going to be amusing. And it will get him more press than poor Buddy Roemer, who’s running on campaign finance reform and generating as much interest as a Still Standing re-run.