The Huckabee-Romney War Continues

The Pawlenty campaign announces Sarah Huckabee Sanders as its newest senior political advisor, “taking the lead for the campaign on the Iowa Straw Poll effort.” Huckabee lost to Mitt Romney in the 2007 straw poll, but did well enough in the objectively-useless test to prove that he could win the state. And then he won the state, making the straw poll voters look fairly perceptive.

Huckabee Sanders:

I’m delighted to join the Governor and First Lady in Iowa, which holds a special place in my heart. It’s clear to me that Gov. Pawlenty has what it takes to unite the party, unite the country and beat President Obama.

You know who doesn’t have that? Hint, hint. Of course, Romney didn’t go to the state this weekend, and isn’t really playing for the straw poll, so we need some way to create a “DOGFIGHT” narrative when Pawlenty narrowly defeats or loses to Ron Paul in Ames.