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Try Slate’s New, Improved iPhone App

It has slide shows! And lets you save stuff! And it doesn’t crash! And it’s free!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just overhauled the Slate iPhone app. (Download it here.) The new version has everything you’ve come to expect—our articles, blog posts, podcasts, and videos—and a bunch of new features that make it much better than the old one.

For one thing, it includes our slide shows. Our trademark galleries—featuring Harry Potter fans’ fiercest “wand poses” or Jack Shafer’s assessment of network news blondes—have long been excluded from our apps. Now you can find them in the “Photos” tab. (They look especially beautiful when you hold your phone sideways.)

The new app also lets readers save articles. This means when you spot an interesting Slate article while waiting on line for lunch, you can earmark it to read on the long subway ride home—or over the weekend. Our iPad app already has this feature, which makes it easy to build a custom list of the Slate stories you’re most interested in.

We’re also happy to report that this app is much more stable than our previous version. We’re very grateful to Slate readers for their patience as we ironed those glitches out—we think you’ll find this app a much smoother ride.

Finally, the new app is free. We charged $1.99 for the first version of the app, but we’re embracing an ad-supported model from here on out. So if you were reluctant to shell out for the Slate app in the past, now is the moment: Download the new app today.

We’re planning to roll out further improvements in future versions, including commenting, which a lot of you have asked for. Let us know what else you’d like—and what you think of the new app—at or in the comments below. We look forward to your feedback.

And don’t forget: We also have an Android app and an iPad app, if those are the devices that float your boat.