Ron Paul, et al, Versus the Debt Ceiling

Ron Paul’s campaign ad against a debt limit compromise wins points for subtlety.
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The Paul position is that Congress should vote “no” on any compromise. To be fair, a “no” vote is Paul’s kneejerk response to everything. You could introduce the Ron Paul Hero Award Ceremony and Free Ice Cream Party Act of 2011 and he’d still push the red button. But of course his debt ceiling opposition is echoed by Iowa frontrunner Michele Bachmann, Iowa would-be-frontrunner Tim Pawlenty, and these guys:

Tea Party activists will be going after 21 Democrats — mostly moderate-to-conservative members in swing districts, organizers say. They also said they would go after Republicans but did not name them.
The effort begins noon Thursday, as Tea Party supporters plan to show up at local congressional offices urging members to vote against any debt-limit increase unless it holds the line on taxes and includes a balanced-budget amendment.
This is intriguing strategy, because Democrats are inclined to vote against the debt limit anyway – most of them want to vote on a “clean bill” and they won’t get one.