Ron Paul Against McConnell’s “Raw Deal”

The congressman and presidential candidate had already opposed a possible “grand bargain” on the debt ceiling, and now he’s opposing Mitch McConnell’s plan. From an e-mail to his list – yes, he’s using opposition to the plan to build up his e-mail list:

President Obama must be grinning from ear to ear. Not only has the news reported yesterday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is scheming to raise the debt ceiling with no real spending cuts, but if this plan goes through, Senator McConnell will have handed yet more power over to the Executive Branch - just because the Senate GOP Leadership doesn’t want to have to “deal with it” again!  

In addition to surrendering more of Congress’ power to President Obama, there is no timetable for the cuts in the bill - so they’re rendered effectively meaningless.  And the ceiling will be raised “automatically” THREE TIMES during this Congress alone!  If this plan goes through, Senator McConnell will have betrayed you, me, and every other freedom-loving patriot in America.

The only members of Congress running for president – thus getting shinier, larger megaphones – are Paul, Bachmann, and (sort of) Thaddeus McCotter. That has a mild distorting effect on reactions to the leadership’s ideas.