Republicans: Now It’s Up to Harry Reid Whether We Default or Not

Senate Democrats – all of them – have pre-emptively signed a letter promising to oppose the Boehner debt plan. Harry Reid has said that the bill will be tabled if it succeeds in a vote in the House. Republicans are ready for this.

“The president has asked for a compromise,” Eric Cantor told reporters before heading onto the House floor for votes. “What do you think we’re doing in here? We have come off from our bill. This is a compromise piece of legislation that was negotiated between the Speaker and the bipartisan leadership in the Senate. Harry Reid’s got a choice to make. Either he go ahead and accept a compromise, or he’s going to bring on default. Something I hope he doesn’t do.”

One reporter challenged the idea that this bill was a compromise.

“In this bill are things we don’t like,” said Cantor. Ideas from Democrats? “Sure there are! The joint select committee is something that came from the Democrats!