Republicans for Infrastructure

Ed Tibbetts reports on a town hall conducted by Rep. Bobby Schilling, which veers slightly off of the Republican message of “Obama’s failed stimulus was a failure that failed.”

Schilling has been critical of the stimulus law, which was enacted before he was elected. But he said Friday more of the money should have been devoted to infrastructure projects.

“If the government would have taken a lot bigger chunk of that money and put it into infrastructure, we’d be doing a lot better today,” he said.

That’s basically what Paul Krugman says about the stimulus! According to Sam Stein’s excellent rundown of Republicans who are requesting funds for their districts, Schilling got $2.5 million for tech in the Defense Authorization Act, and some of it could go to his district, but he’s not really jumping up and down demanding new infrastructure spending. In fact, Republicans are working out details for some big cuts in transportation – read, infrastructure – spending. But if it was needed in February 2009, why isn’t it needed now?