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Reggie Bush a Dolphin; Former Saints Running Back Traded to Miami (VIDEO)

Reggie Bush is trending on news that the former Saints running back was traded to the Miami Dolphins. The Heisman Trophy winner turned Heisman Trophy returner was drafted second overall by the Saints in the 2006 NFL draft, yet he often battled injuries and didn’t perform as well as many thought he would.

Bush expressed his doubts that he would remain a Saint when he famously tweeted, “it’s been fun New Orleans” after the team drafted actual Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram this year.

Now, with the NFL lockout over, the Dolphins signed Reggie to a two-year deal.

Bush also made a splash in the news after it was revealed that he’s dating an Old Navy model named Melissa Molinaro who looks remarkably similar to his former girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.