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Rebecca Black Releases New Song; Will “My Moment” Go Viral Like “Friday” Did? (VIDEO)

Rebecca Black is extending her 15 minutes of fame.

The 14-year-old, whose cringe-worthy “Friday” video became a runaway viral sensation, has released a follow-up on her YouTube channel. “My Moment” is a self-conscious reflection on Black’s improbable rise to household-name status.

“Friday” unleashed a torrent of ridicule and then a backlash against the haters on its way to 167 million views and eventually a copyright dispute that split Black and her producers at Ark Music Factory.

The eighth-grader parlayed her instant celebrity into a cameo in a Katy Perry video. And none other than Lady Gaga proclaimed Black a “genius.”

For all that, Rebecca Black is the most popular topic on Twitter so far in 2011, surpassing Gaga, Justin Bieber, and even Charlie Sheen.