Quinnipiac Poll: Bachmann Surges, Obama Still Leads Her By 12

The new national poll from Quinnipiac confirms the Bachmann surge, undaunted so far by attention to her tax lawyer-ing past or her husband’s ex-gay clinic. Why the latter issue would hurt her with Republicans is anyone’s guess. The number is followed by the number from June.

Mitt Romney - 25% (+0)
Michele Bachmann - 14% (+8)
Sarah Palin - 12% (-3)
Rick Perry - 10% (+10)
Herman Cain - 6% (-3)
Ron Paul - 5% (-3)
Newt Gingrich - 5% (-3)
Tim Pawlenty - 3% (-2)
Rick Santorum - 1% (-3)
Jon Huntsman - 1% (+0)
Thaddeus McCotter - N/A

Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer weren’t included in the poll, because the pollster only includes so many candidates and tis was the first chance to test McCotter. If we’re being extremely optimistic for the Anti-Romney faction, we see that there’s a massive national anti-Romney vote out there, something confirmed by Bachmann’s good performances in Iowa and some midwestern and western primary states. And the best thing that could happen for Romney would be if Palin turned her slapdash political activism – She’s on a bus tour! She’s on jury duty! She has nothing to do with this documentary about her! She’s appearing at the premiere of the documentary! – into a slapdash candidacy, she makes the job easier for an anti-Romney. Right now, though, if she’s taken out of the race, both Romney and Bachmann gain 3 points.

And how about that Pawlenty number, huh? So far the former governor has failed completely to convince voters that his record makes him the natural Anti-Romney.