Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

When I saw him in New Hampshire, Tim Pawlenty debuted a subtle – possibly too subtle! – line of attack against Michele Bachmann. Republicans needed to look at records, he said, and not fall in love with someone who “gave a speech or offered a failed amendment.”

To wit, here was his debut ad in Iowa.

And here, starting today, is Michele Bachmann’s.

It doesn’t really matter, if you’re a base voter, that nothing Bachmann is talking about was successful. She “fought against” these things, and she’ll vote against raising the debt ceiling (she has said not even the cut, cap, balance pledge goes far enough because it leaves the Affordable Care Act untouched), but she’s likely going to lose on that, too. Doesn’t matter! Barack Obama’s anti-war rep was built on a speech he gave that didn’t prevent the Iraq War.