Organizing for America to Supporters: No Labels!

This is a version of the email Organizing for America is sending to supporters.

Here’s what’s happening: President Obama proposed the balanced approach of raising the debt ceiling paired with responsible steps to reduce our country’s long-term debt – asking oil companies, corporations, and the richest Americans to do their part rather than placing the entire burden on seniors and the middle class.

A deal has been close at times, but an ideological faction of House Republicans has been effectively holding our economy hostage – making extreme demands like ending Medicare as we know it, gutting Social Security, and rejecting any compromises that might make millionaires or big corporations pay their fair share to get our debt under control.

So when President Obama spoke to the nation the other night, he made a suggestion to everyone watching: Call Congress and ask them to do their job. Since then, there have been reports that the flood of calls and emails has been slowing down the phone systems and websites on Capitol Hill.

Our records show you have only Democratic representatives in Congress. But House Speaker John Boehner – who is leading the Republicans in negotiations – needs to hear what Americans like you think.

Call Speaker Boehner’s office now at (202) 225-0600 – and tell him we can’t afford to let politics hold our economy hostage. It’s time to put ideological demands aside and agree to a balanced approach.

Doesn’t this exemplify the problem progressives have with OFA? What’s the point of just calling Boehner and asking for a compromise. He’s got one, but Democrats don’t want it! If he succeeds in passing his bill in the House, Democrats lose their leverage to pass a different deal in the Senate and send it to the House.