No Upset in CA-36?

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Janice Hahn’s been working diligently to lose the special election in CA-36, but she might not get that chance. Public Policy Polling surveyed the race for Daily Kos:

Janice Hahn (D) - 52%    
Craig Huey (R) - 44%

Some incredibly low undecideds in here, which maybe isn’t surprising after a campaign that (temporarily?) resurrected the career of Splack Pack. Hahn’s a legacy politician who lost an election in this district (in a map that was more Republican) 13 years ago, but Huey, a self-funder who dumped $800,000 into the race, isn’t blowing anyone away. He outpolls Hahn with independents, and gets more Republican voters than she gets Democrats, but the registration and demographic tilt of the district buoy her.

This poll has Hahn narrowly among people who’ve already voted; the first returned ballots were relatively strong for Huey, but not in a way that contradicts this poll. That would explain why no big outside groups have come in, and the committment of the conservative PACs that has – the California-based Our Country Deserves Better, One Nation – haven’t shaken things up.