McConnell Echoes Romney, American Crossroads on “He Made It Worse”

Keep tracking the meme! In his opening remarks on the Senate floor today, Mitch McConnell went further and farther on the popular talking point that Peggy Noonan started and everyone else has spruced up: Barack Obama “made it worse.” McConnell rattled off four numbers to make his point, four miserable trends since January 2009 – a 17 percent increase in unemployment, an 86 percent increases in gas prcies, a 35 percent increase in debt, and a 19 percent increase in health insurance costs.

The numerology is slightly different, though the argument is similar, to this American Crossroads GPS running on your TV right now.

“They have clearly made the economy worse,” said McConnell, finishing the point. Something that Mitt Romney can take to heart.