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Justin Bieber’s Baby Video at Risk? Fans Beg YouTube Not To Remove Most-Viewed Video of All Time (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber fans can’t “beliebe” what YouTube is threatening to do: remove their favorite pop idol’s video, Baby, from its site. The reason: too many negative comments, many of them homophobic in nature.

The video, originally posted in February of 2010, has generated nearly 600 million views, 750,000 “likes,” and more than 1.5 million “dislikes.”

As a result of YouTube’s proposed Bieberectomy, acolytes of the young pop star with names like iStandByBieber and LoveToSupportJB have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #dontdeletebaby. The churning Twitter feed has become an electronic petition to save the imperiled video from a fate worse than a bad Bieber-style haircut.