“I Have No Idea”

That was John Boehner’s answer when asked whether Mitch McConnell’s debt punt plan could pass the House. It sounded like the only really substantive answer in a press update that, theatrically, was all about Boehner getting close to Cantor. He didn’t know, but the plan “might look pretty good a few weeks from now.”

What doesn’t look good right now? Everything else! Boehner responded to the Democrats’ attacks on Cantor with a message of 1000 percent support: “I’m glad Eric’s there and those who have other opinions should keep them to themselves.” He and Cantor were “in this foxhole together.” How to read that? Boehner had offered a different deal, and different set of options, than Cantor had – the main difference visible to those of those outside the room is that Boehner looks trapped by his conference, whereas Cantor looks like he’s just reflecting what it thinks.