How to Do Lasting Damage to Your Reputation With the Base

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

I doubt any other aspect of the Boehner bill will piss as many people off as this.

Two Republican sources deeply involved in configuring new Ohio congressional districts confirmed to The Dispatch today that [Jim] Jordan’s disloyalty to Boehner has put him in jeopardy of being zeroed out of a district.

“Jim Jordan’s boneheadedness has kind of informed everybody’s thinking,” said one of the sources, both of whom spoke only on condition of anonymity. “The easiest option for everybody has presented itself.”

Jordan’s rural 11-county district, which has a 60 percent Republican voter index, “is easy to cannibalize because it stretches so far,” said the other source.

At the same time you read this and get pissed off, you can buy a “Save Paul Teller” T-Shirt (a missed opportunity – it is not patterned after Save Ferris merch) and show your support for Jordan’s aide, the guy heckled at the GOP’s conference meeting yesterday.