Cinema Paradiso: Debt Limit Edition

The essential anecdote of yesterday’s debt negotation was Kevin McCarthy, the GOP’s whip in the House, showing members this scene from The Town to psyche them up.

A cynic might say “Hey, asking people to agree to a plan before knowing the details is just what Republicans rebelled against.” The fact that Allen West quickly stood up and offered to drive the car – it was, after all, a chance to “hurt some people” – doesn’t change that. But a less cynical person may realize that this is pretty awesome, and start brainstorming the other clips that could psych up Republicans.

In this scene, imagine that Rowdy Roddy Piper is a congressman elected in 2010 and the hideous monsters are the Democrats – the real enemy. “Bubble gum” is the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan, which is, sadly, dead.

In this scene from, I… look, I shouldn’t have to explain it, but it’s well within the tradition of conservatives appropriating patriotic imagery.

In this scene, the viewer should imagine that Barack Obama is delivering the lines. Look at what Republicans are up against!