Buddy Roemer Unleashed!

When I say Jon Huntsman is the most aggressive attacker – sorry, contrast-definer or mutual-respecter – in the 2012 field, I forget Rick Santorum, and I forget Buddy Roemer, the former governor of Louisiana who can’t get anyone to care about his campaign finance reform-focused run. How to get them? Attack the other candidates!

The hit on Gingrich is pretty hard to deny.

He’s not going to be the president. He’s known by 99 percent of the people and he’s got 7 percent of the vote. I’m known by 3 percent of the people and I’ve got 2 percent of the vote. Who would you rather be?

That said, there are few polls that have Roemer as high as 2 percent. And the Huntsman civility line probably deserves more explaining. It’s not that he won’t criticize anyone – it’s that he won’t do so stupidly. No charges of “gangster government” (Bachmann) or Charlie Sheen references (Pawlenty).