The Two-Word Solution for Overcoming Rick Scott’s Unpopularity

You might guess it, but first the context – Rick Scott is unpopular . The governor of Florida barely won office in the anti-Obama wave. Republicans don’t like him. In this year’s municipal elections, Democrats grab control of city halls in Tampa and Jacksonville with campaigns that touched on opposition to Scott, his cuts, and his ideas like drug-testing welfare recipients.

And so, Public Policy Polling:

In the survey, 40% of registered voters said Gov. Rick Scott’s actions have made them less inclined to back the GOP presidential nominee next year, versus 26% who said his actions had made it more likely they’d vote Republican in 2012. An additional 34% said Scott has had no impact on whether or not they’ll support a Republican candidate.

That’s not good, but can’t a 2012 Republican candidate erase this problem by picking Marco Rubio as his running mate? Yes, he’s ruled it out , but Joe Biden ruled out being anyone’s running mate, too. Until there’s some reason to think otherwise, the Cuban-American senator from Florida who is studiously speaking out only on popular issues (he didn’t join the “Tea Party caucus,” he’s not running from cable show to cable show) is obviously the frontrunner.
Barack Obama narrowly won Florida in 2008 in part by carrying 57 percent of the Hispanic vote . Rubio won 55 percent of the Hispanic vote. If Scott keeps taking on water, no problem: Rubio becomes an even more obvious VP candidate.