RightOnline: Obama’s Plan to Raise Gas Prices

MINNEAPOLIS – The big plenary session of RightOnline began with an incredibly long Celine Dion version of “God Bless America”* with a swing at the bottom line. Americans for Prosperity, the main sponsor of the conference, was co-founded by David Koch. A lot of Koch money comes from the energy industry. Etc, etc – we don’t need to worry this point. But Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity, wasn’t exactly subtle with his introductory remarks. He asked the crowd how much gas was on January 20, 2009, and how much it is now.

“Why would the president systematically want higher prices on gasoline?” asked Phillips. “If you ever wonder about high gas prices, it isn’t a mistake.”

Phillips ran through three quotes that are always used to write the brief on liberals and energy price gouging starting with Stephen Chu’s comment about the desirability of getting to European gas prices, and Obama saying the high prices of 2008 had simply come too fast.

“Notice what the president did not say,” he said. “These high gasoline prices are terrible! We’ve got to get ‘em back down.”

The third quote was a reminder of just how wired these activists are into the narrative about Barack Obama. Phillips referred, without naming the source, to a 2008 interview Obama gave the San Francisco Chronicle.

“What did he say about energy prices under his plan?” asked Phillips. “They will, what? 

“Necessarily skyrocket!” yelled the crowd.

“That’s right! Necessarily skyrocket. It’s now part of liberal orthodoxy to want Americans to pay higher prices on energy.”

That’s the ever-present message. The fresh one:

“The Wisconsin phone center is open! Are you willing to stand with Scott Walker? 

*with a children’s choir!