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Princess Diana Photoshopped Newsweek Cover Causes Uproar (VIDEO)

Twitter is in an uproar over the latest Newsweek magazine cover.

Princess Diana has been aged digitally to estimate what she’d look like now, a nod to her 50th birthday, which she would have celebrated on July 1. Lady Di was Photoshopped walking with Kate Middleton, but what stands out most to the cover’s critics is her zombie-like appearance. Badbadsquirrel tweeted, “You know the undead are big when zombie Princess Diana graces the cover of a major magazine. Thanks, Newsweek.”

Princess Diana biographer and Newsweek Editor-in Chief Tina Brown is taking most of the flack, though she has yet to comment on the backlash. Brown took over Newsweek in late 2010 and had said of her vision for the magazine, Newsweek will be “about filling the gaps left when a story has seemingly passed.”