Palintrove: Let the Breathless Revelations About Nothing Commence!

Future biographers of Sarah Palin and historians of the Aughts are having a fantastic day. The 24,199 pages of e-mails from her office have lots of great color from Palin’s most successful period in office – from inauguration to the month she became John McCain’s running mate. There’s grist in here that you can’t just get from interviews with her or her staff. There’s a real-time biography of a politician who looks a lot like we thought. And this is because reporters have covered her obsessively for years. Most of the revelations I’ve seen so far just get primary documentation for stories that have been out there for a long time.

What do I mean? The New York Times blogs a scoop from the e-mails.

An e-mail from the manager of the governor’s house to Ms. Palin in early 2008 makes clear that Ms. Palin had inquired about the possibility of installing a tanning bed in the house.

It’s not clear whether the bed was ever installed, but the manager, Erika Fagerstrom, provided two options – installing it the basement (next to the dryer) or in the Cedar Room on the third floor.

How embarrassing! Except… this news was already reported in 2008 , by ABC News.

Monday, US Weekly and a blog, NarcoNews, reported that “the former beauty queen’s penchant for a bronzed body” led to the installation of a “private tanning bed” shortly after she took office.

“She paid for it herself,” said [Palin press secretary Bill] McAllister from his Anchorage office. He told ABC News he had “no idea” why she had installed the machine but confirmed it was installed in the mansion.

How many more stories like this will we see? Oh, plenty. Because it’s

very important

, and it requires the time and resources of

a lot of people

, to find nuggets about Sarah Palin’s life that people can make fun of.