Palin Film Director Speaks!

Steve Bannon, the director of the upcoming Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated,” arrived at the Heritage Foundation today for a stop on his promotional tour. I could almost call it a “victory lap,” taken before the event even happens.

“ABC News, CBS, Huffington Post, Weekly Standard – institutions that I have a lot of respect for, that have not been organs of pro-Palinista coverage, have covered this with basically rave reviews,” said Bannon.

Bannon talked at length about the movie’s reception and showed a few clips of the meat of the film – found footage and interviews with Palin who worked with the governor in Alaska. He was adamant: If people see the movie, they’ll like Palin. They’ll understand Palin. He reminded the audience that this morning brought a WaPo/ABC News poll that showed, for the umpeenth time, that Palin polled worse against Barack Obama than any other Republican.

“If entrepreneurs and conservatives sat there every day and said, well, there’s nothing we can do, where would our country be?” Bannon asked. “That poll means absolutely zero to me, okay? That poll represents the exact reason there’s a financial debacle today. We have not educated the American people. We have not educated the American people on what the financial debacle is, just like no one’s gone out and educated the American people on what Gov. Palin really stood for.”

The host, Robert Bluey (he often runs the Bloggers’ Briefing that brought Bannon to Heritage), asked whether Bannon had digested Joshua Green’s thesis that Palin had been effective governor, but had been brought down by vindictiveness.

“I don’t believe that,” said Bannon. “I don’t think people change. I have a lot of respect for Joshua Green – I recommend you get this article. It’s very perceptive.” But from there Bannon quickly brought the topic back to Palin’s electoral skills.

“We have a chart in the film – I needed to show people the compression of time – of the polls when she was chosen,” said Bannon. “McCain’s eight points down, she gets a phone call. She goes to Dayton [for the launch event]. She gives that speech. They have those rallies. She has a four point lead. I say that again: She has a four-point lead.”