Only $26 for a Signed Copy!

Christine O’Donnell’s PAC sends out an e-mail pitching her first book, alerting us to a signed first edition . I see a beautiful marriage of title and subtitle:

Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again

Like Going Rogue , the title is a lift from a magazine article about the author. Going Rogue was, of course, borrowed from John Dickerson. Troublemaker comes from a pre-election package in Time magazine that compared O’Donnell somewhat unfavorably to Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

This gesture might end up costing the GOP control of the Senate, because O’Donnell quickly proved herself to be a crate of tea that wouldn’t float. With her nomination, Democrat Chris Coons went from a double-digit deficit to a double-digit lead. As his star rose, Republicans’ hopes of recapturing the Senate sank, dragged down by a candidate who was not ready even for cable television. But O’Donnell’s startling, out-of-nowhere rise has already put a scare into any remaining moderates who might have failed to heed Charlie Crist’s lesson.

Candidate biographies are usually tough sells. This is not one of the exceptions.